DG's Message

It is really heartening to unfold the long standing desire of the employees of Local and Revenue Audit Directorate to launch a website as a platform to uphold the news and views as well as fulfill the needs of the stakeholders who want to know what is happening inside this directorate and whether any good news is waiting for them. With the beginning of this website, LRAD is committed to march forward to push the expectation that it will contribute to the present government’s avowed policy of making a digital Bangladesh providing all sections of people with multifarious information and data that benefits them. Establishment of good governance in public sectors ensuring transparency and accountability in financial activities of government is now a days a widely spoken phrase uttered by not only nationally but also globally that stresses the value for every money spent. On behalf of the Comptroller and Auditor General of Bangladesh who has been mandated to report to the Parliament as regards the performance of public managers, this directorate audits the vast areas of the government i.e. 35 ministries and organizations under them and upholds their performance to the stakeholders including the Parliament at large. This website, I think, will play a vital role in disseminating the ideas, plans and activities of the people of the directorate and be a platform of ventilation of opinion, grievances and other reactions across the table.

We believe that the modern thinking and knowledge in audit arena are changing everyday which should be disseminated to not only the employees of this directorate, but also the stakeholders who are equally needed to be fitted into latest development. Our main objective is to keep all stakeholders in the race of accountability development that transpires time to time globally or internally. We are breaking the shell of old fashioned audit and entering into new dimension where the words like ‘Entity wide audit’, ‘Risk based audit’, ‘ISSAI based audit’, ‘Forensic audit’, ‘Environmental audit’ etc. are pronounced emphatically and the words like INTOSAI, ASSOSAI, IDI are being poured by the audit veteran into the ears of the people of audit premises who are also haunted to look up the meaning of AMMS, IDEA, TEAMMATE, iCAT etc. This website will have the great responsibilities for removing the misgivings and confusions which would prevail in the mind of the people about those alien words.

In the age of mobile technology, the necessity of connectivity among the audit people working in the office or outside can never be exaggerated. Providing assistance and the updates to the field staff who are playing the pioneering role will now be expedited manifold resulting in enhancing the efficacy of audit. We know about the deterrent effect of audit and now it would also tremendously impact upon the activities of the audited organizations. We also like to be assisted by their opinion, suggestion or any kind of views. Last but not the least, LRAD being the largest audit directorate wants to remain accountable to all stakeholders for providing better services in terms of quality audit.


Md. Golam Mostafa

Director General

Local and Revenue Audit Directorate

SegunBagicha, Dhaka